July 2014

Here is a 10 peso version of July. A few moms and I got together with our kids at the creek and ate lunch and fished for mud bugs. They found a ton and they were so discusting but it occupied the boys for hours and they loved every minute of it, so... SUCCESS! The girls did their own thing, adorably. All I had was my phone camera because I didn't want to take my real camera to the creek. 

We took a trip to Utah to see my niece, Bridget, get baptized. It was so wonderful! I'll skip the pictures because they're already on Nicole's blog. 
But, with Utah comes In 'n Out Burgers. I love that place. They give the kids stickers and hats while you wait. The kids had to rotate the one hat. 

Modeling with serious enthusiasm. 

Claire informed me that we had to leave the "crown" there. 

 Off to Grandma and Grandpa's house in Pocatello! The girls immediately found the Mandy dolls and all their clothes. They had to sleep with their dollies because Grandma had made them sleeping bags, which means sleep overs. Here they are sharing lunch with their new friends. 
And my mom got them to watch "Summer Magic", which I've been trying to get them to do for a while with no luck. So, thanks, Mom! 

When it came time to pick raspberries and tomatoes, I informed Gabriel that these plants had food in them. He couldn't believe it and was so amazed. In my defense, I never told him that food appeared magically, either. 

My girls pick flowers wherever we go. so when they were told that they had permission to pick tomatoes and raspberries, they were on it! 

Can't go to Pocatello without going to Jungle ReTreat! I love Grandma's hair in this one! 

This one of her hair is better. On the way home! 
Thanks for a great visit! 

When we got home, David's parents were already there, waiting for us with dinner ready and the house clean. It's like having servants. Just kidding! They're way better than servants. Only this grandma would obey Ruby's command to put her feet into the water like this. 

Summer means finding new creeks! 

It also means Colorado Rockies games! We picked the perfect night to go to Denver for a baseball game. The weather was great and they won the game! Best night ever! 


Jess said...

What is this Jungle ReTreat? I will need to keep it in mind when we go to Pocatello next. It sounds like you have had a fun and busy month too. I would be totally sad that you were in Utah and we didn't see you, but I know how hard it is to fit everyone in on vacation. :)

Andrea Lee U.R. said...

I love that last picture. You are as cute as ever!
Looks like a fun trip. :)