Ruby is 3!

My little girl is 3 years old! She's such a joy to our family and it's hard for me to remember us without her. 


Ruby has always been a petite little delicate person. She loves animals and her brother and sister. When they were at school, she would ask me the whole time where they were. 


When she sees dogs at the park, she always asks me "Can I pet she dog?" (as in, can I pet her dog?). Then she affectionately strokes the dog while the dog licks her face. And she loves it. To each her own, I guess. 


I think she's been talking since she was born. People are always surprised to see such a little person speaking so well. My favorite is her enthusiasm at the prospect of playing with someone. She'll say, "I want to be she friend!". That means she wants to play with them. Also, everyone is still a "she" to her. My other favorite is when the sprinklers come on and she says, "Oh, Mommy! The sprinkles are on! I need my swim suit!". 

June 2014

I love this girl! All 24 pounds of her. 

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