Claire has a wonderful abundance of hair. But she has 3 swirls on the back of her head, so it is CRAZY hair. I seriously gel it when she gets out of the tub so she doesn't look like Alfalfa. This is the back of her head while playing with her cousin Miles.

Gabriel ran up to Claire this morning and tried to give her knuckles. It made me laugh so hard.He's been so sweet to her lately. He loves to run into her room in the morning and say hi to her. And he always gives her a morning hug. He's been calling all babies Claire.


Leah said...

So cute! Love her hair. The Knuckles thing is precious. I bet he will be so excited when she can play with him. When are you planning another trip to CA? This time we will have to meet up!

Andrea Lee UptonRowley said...

Wow! Your kids are looking sooo much alike!! When she gets bigger, people are going to ask you if they are twins.......just you wait!!! ;)

Cute pictures!! Nathan has some swirls on his head too.......but I just shave his hair off. (I wouldn't try that with cutie girl though)

Mom said...

I've been laughing at the "knuckles" picture for two days.:) Claire is hilarious too! Such cuties!