Late Overs!

The girls had a "late over" with our neighbors this weekend while Daddy took Gabriel putt-putt golfing. Everyone was really in to it, which made it so much easier on me. When they arrived, they had a screaming party for about 3 minutes. That was awesome. 
Then I asked, "Who wants to paint their nails?", and they had another screaming party for another 3 minutes. 


 Ruby, Claire and Lilly

Lilly painted her nails most of the time she was here. Over and over again, all over her hands. It was awesome. 

 Dance Party! 
I know it's blurry, but I still think it's hilarious. 

 Then "Lady and the Tramp", and then they go home. 
It was fantastic. 

 Saturday we were adventurous and tried to go hiking. We actually try to go hiking all the time, but we usually end up looking for a trail for an hour (in the car), and then going to the park or something that is not hiking. 
We asked around town this time and discovered Horsetooth Mountain, west of Fort Collins. It was perfect because it wasn't too hard for the kids, but it wasn't too easy for the adults. 
And at the end there was a little waterfall and pond of water to cool off our feet. The kids loved it! I gave Ruby a piggy back ride back home and she fell asleep on my back. So it was easy going up hill because I was slanted already. Downhill was difficult because I still had to slant forward. 
We hike now.

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