Preschool Graduation!

This little lady recently graduated from preschool. She was very excited for the occasion, mostly because I let her wear her new dress. She told me she was going to be the most beautiful girl in her class. And as we can see, she's not camera shy. Heaven help me with this one. 

Gabriel took a picture of Ruby and me waiting for it to begin.

The graduates all lined up and sang a few songs for us. The last one was them doing Sign Language to "God Bless America". I can't listen to that song without tears, so adding children to it wasn't helpful. It was very sweet. Claire's actually quite shy in public, though she is the Alpha female in our home, so she wasn't the loudest, but I think she was the prettiest and the sweetest. 

It is not useful to be short and sit far away from the performers. Hopefully when it really matters, David will be in town and can take pictures from a higher view that don't include bald heads. Although, my Grandma Shirley would say that his bald head would be the perfect spot to write the my daughter's age and the the date. 

After the ceremony, we played outside for a little while. I love this picture of Gabriel putting up with his very silly sisters. Get used to it, Son. 

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